Split a text and send over bluetooth

Hello community,

i Want to split text after every 7 characters. Like if there is a sentence : a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog then the list will be after split (a quick, brown ,fox jum,ps over, the la,zy dog)
Thanks in advance

Here is one way:

The Bluetooth is very straightforward to use. Add a BlueToothClient from the Communication options. I only have one fixed device I want to work with my project so I don’t scan and select I just connect to the address:-

You don’t need the TextToSpeech but I find it useful.

Then you just send the text using BlueToothClient.SendText

i am converting image to string and trying to send that string over bluetooth. The string is too too long and it is not receiving complete at other end.

Starting some lines of string is receiving .. that is why i have to split that string into parts then send each part over bluetooth to arduino

You should be able to send it in chunks as you suggest but is the Arduino sending it somewhere else to store it as I don’t think it can store the image?


he is:

converting image to string (base64 encode I guess)


I was just wondering if the reason it isn’t receiving all of the image is because the Arduino has very limited space, and that is for running code

It is quite possible, with an average image file generating more than 60000 characters at 7 charatcers a hit that would be …@8500 sends, not forgetting the time to split it all up.

I have edited my previous comment, it may not have been obvious what I meant.

We don’t know what the intent is once the image gets to the Arduino, but may if the solution doesn’t work :blush:.

My poject is very simple in that it sends 1 of 4 letters to turn 2 stepper motors clockwise or anti clockwise.

I am very impressed with AI2, and the help given on the forum, though I never achieved my ultimate goal I have a good working solution.

yes ! i am converting image to base 64 then i have to send the string to arduino over bluetooth

7 characters i said is for example … i can send upto 100 characters at a time

Yes i am also using high baudrate to send more characters at a time

were you successful at this. trying to do the same ... suspecting BT is only able to send one part of the string.