SplashScreen API Error from Google Play

After latest update, i used to get SplashScreen API error from Playstore,

Can this be fixed in upcoming MIT AI2 versions?
Can this be solved using extensions?

I don't think this is a error on the Ai2 side. Show your project so that we can verify what is wrong with it.

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Anyway, it is only a warning that you can ignore, right?

Try this

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Inorder to check this, i built an app without any components and extensions, but i still get this SplashScreen API error

Definitely will try this and give you an update

Do you have something like a splash screen in your project? So a screen that is only a welcome screen and does not serve anything else?

no, i don't setup anything like that, my Screen1 is with components.
That app_logo splash is what google is saying double splash screen.
I don't get this ERROR for previous builds, i guess that whether something implemented in latest MIT update

I too get SplashScreen error, after calling this,

For now, yes, let me ignore this warning

Because you compiled your old application when AppInventor targeted lower APIs. Various application rules change with the API target. After compiling in a newer version of AppInventor, the API level of your application has increased, so it has different rules in the Play Store than in the previous version. There are no bugs here in Ai2.

No it was previously targeting same API-33, let me check again with previous versions and let me try to upload with old MITAI2 versions and new versions,

will give you an update regarding this

Hello, have you fixed this issue? It has been bugging me as well.

No i ignore that as it's just a warning