Spinners getting invisible in downloaded app

Hi everyone!
I have some spinners in my app on the screen2. they appear nice and just correct when I launch app with the AI companion , but when I download the apk and install application the spinners background goes quite black and I can not see them on the black background of the app, they just work but I can not see them


thank Anke. this is my Project properties, Theming part:

Post the aia.

BUOYANT.aia (418.5 KB)

Maybe something like this: BUOYANT_2.aia (418.5 KB)

And set the Spinner.Selection to one element (not to ElementsFromString).

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thank you Anke, it did the job, I with it had more effective way to do it, cause the spinner was changed a little bit in color and its appearance. thank you

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