Spinner Selection Text Colour

Hi !!! First post here !!

I cant find a way to adjust text colour of a spinner selection to my needs

Cant some one help, please ???

Please show your (relevant) blocks.

The ability to modify the Spinner properties is limited Ivan. This is what can be done with the Spinner> Spinner

A developer cannot change Colors. There is no Property that allows color or graphic changes. What you see is determined by the Android operating system on the device. The spinner component uses and is based on Google’s System Spinner . Even Android Studio users cannot change color. There is an exception (if you use Dark theme, it will set the screen background to black and checkbox, label, and spinner text to white if the “Default” color is used)

You can find out things like this quickly by going to the MENU, select Help > then either

See alternatives to simulate a spinner . MIT has an experimental possible project that might add color change capabilities one day … but not now

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Yes, with App Inventor you can only choose between dark and white background / font color by setting the Theme to “Device Default” or “Dark”. You can set the spinner colors in Kodular.

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Thanks !!!

Setting Theme to Dark has been the solucion to me !!! Great !!!