Spinner programming problem

Hello good,

I am new to the application and I am trying to program something but I am unable to do it.

I basically have two spinners. One has 3 options and the other 5. I want that when in the first spinner I put, for example, "22-32" and in the other "Escolta", there will be a new screen with a text. And let this be repeated with the 15 possibilities.

Can somebody help me?


it is not a good idea use 15 real screens....maybe it would be better to use "virtual screens" (search in community).

Hi i don't understand woh do this. If I want that the text appears in the text box how I do?

Which text in which textBox? what blocks have you implemented?

Right now i don't have any block I have to start programming. The text i will put later.

I just want that when I select two options, personalized texts appear depending on the option. I would put the text in the programming according to the variables

For this you need to program blocks....

Yes i know but I'm doing the question because I don't know what program blocks I have to use for doing that

Then, again, which text (name of the component) do you want to put in which other component (name of the component)?

When you select an option in a spinner, this event is triggered:

where you can the selection.

Whit this block you can set the text of a label to a value, variable, number....you want>

I want that if, for example, in the first spinner you select "22-32" and in the second spinner you select "base", the following appears in the text block (It is in Spanish):

Base 60-75kg 1,75-8m -21 anys



  • 3 clares d'ou remenades amb espinacs i tomĂ quet
  • 1 tassa d'avena cuita amb trossos de fruita (plĂ tan, maduixes, etc.)
  • 1 got de llet descremada o alternativa vegetal

EntrepĂ  del matĂ­:

  • 1 iogurt grec baix en greix amb un grapat d'ametlles o nous


  • 150-200 g de pit de pollastre a la planxa o peix al forn
  • 1 tassa de quinoa o arròs integral
  • Verdures al vapor o en amanida (espinacs, bròquil, pastanaga, etc.)


  • Batut de proteĂŻnes amb llet descremada, plĂ tan i una cullerada de mantega de cacauet


  • SalmĂł al forn o tofu a la planxa
  • Amanida mixta amb verdures variades i amaniment lleuger
  • 1 patata dolça al forn

Abans d'anar a dormir:

  • 1 got de llet descremada o un iogurt baix en greix

Nota: Assegura't de mantenir una hidrataciĂł adequada durant tot el dia, bevent almenys 2 litres d'aigua.

Ok, show your relevant blocks and indicate, please, which part do you have problems with.

All. Just I have that. I'm new and I'm learning. I don't know how to continue.

First, set the options to the spinners (property elements of the spinners. It must be a list).
Then, in afterSelectin event of the spinner check if the other spinner is already selected, if so, then check both selections to do whatever you want.

ok thanks

The buttons you have, what are they supposed to be for?

They are there to say the name of the spinner section

I don't know how do that please seen me a picture if you can. I'm really bad for doing this

normally a button is used to be clicked...you have other components to place text like labels...but it is not wrong

Ok just i used because its looks better than labels

Depending on appearance properties will look like buttons...and invite you to press them...

Can you help me to programme? I don't know what bolcks I have to put