Spinner multiple dependencies

Hi everyone. Im trying to create 3 spinners. the elements of these spinners are from a google sheet. the google sheet is structured in 3 columns: Customer, Machine, and Serial. Customer and Machine have repeat data but Serial is unique. One customer might have multiple machines, and in these multiple machines each have their unique serial. i have created the blocks below. the problem is that when the customer has only one type of machine, it bypasses the "When Machine.After Selecting", and thus the serial is not showing. Can anybody help me on this? Thank you.

Spinners don't work well with single item lists, since they like having a header element.

Better to use ListViews or List Pickers.

Also, where did that index 5 come from?
Your table has only 3 columns.

You can do it with spinners, but it is quite complicated. Try this:

SpinnerSelective.aia (5.4 KB)