Spinner and Tinywebdb

Hello everyone, I've only been here for a few weeks. I'm not a programmer, just a newbie.
I went through all the tutorials and after a bit of trial and error, all my programs work.
Now I have a question: Can a spinner take data from tinywebdb?
I haven't found a solution yet. It works in the text field, but it would be
clearer when the spinner displays the data.
Example: The spinner is loaded with the data 10%-100%.
cellphone 1 selects 30% in the spinner,
On cellphone 2, this 30% should also appear in the spinner.

but what this means?

There is no DataChanged event for tinywebdb.

Try with cloudDB instead

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User 2 should be able to see that the process progress is at 30%. Maybe there's an easier way to do it than with a spinner :man_shrugging:

Thanks, I'll give it a try :+1:

Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I tried your example of using the cloudDB DataChanged event block, it worked. my first experience with cloudDB

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