Spelling Corrector Extension 📝

Hello everyone, :wave:

Today I present my first extension called “ Spell Check ” extension
As clearly stated in the name, this extension includes some useful blocks that can correct any spelling error in a sentence

Blocks image

In this block the user needs too add the word or sentence that needs to be checked/corrected


This event is raised after the extension gets the corrected text

this extension is built using my self made api , I know there are api's that can check spelling but most of the API are paid , In my api you can get unlimited requests for free

:moneybag: Price : $0 | Free for all :wink:

Download link :link:

SpellCheck.aix (6.3 KB)

Built on Niotron IDE


Results of the Extension

thanks to @Kumaraswamy and @AkshatRana for helping me in solving a small bug


Yash Sehgal


Please replace your images with images that use app Inventor blocks, to show that your extension works in AI2.

Please edit you AIX filename to remove spaces and special characters

ya just replacing

@TIMAI2 please list my topic again , i have made the necessary changes

The downloaded extension still has spaces and parentheses in the filename!!

SpellCheck (3).aix

Great job @Yash_Sehgal22

Great extension! Good to see you creating your first extension in your first post.

You can replace the 'wordOrSentence' with 'text'. That would be easier.

Will it not cost you a lot of money when many people start using your extension?

What services is your API based on?

I found a bug, when I try to correct the spelling in a sentence that is not in English then it returns me something like this: %D7%A9%D7%9C%D7%95%D7%9D

I will try to correct it asap

hey hi @Point till now you can only use English

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this is a self made api using python and deployed on railway.app

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thanks @Gordon_Lu :grinning:

sure !!

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Most useful extension @Yash_Sehgal22. Thanks for it!


thanks @RR_Media


Mind blowing man :fire::fire::fire:


This api is developed and deployed on a free server, so free ones mostly go down...
So if the server goes down then the extension too goes down...


Nice best usefull extension @Yash_Sehgal22