Speechrecognizer inside loop

I want to loop through a list of words or phrases, pausing on each word to allow students to listen and repeat. Speechrecognizer would then print what they say and loop to the next word. The speechrecognizer.AfterGettingText block can't go inside a loop though (as far as I can see). This results in the list being looped almost instantly and the only prompt is the last item on the list. There seems to be no break for the speechrecognizer to return it's results or for the loop to wait while it does.

Hello d8sconz

The secret is - do not loop, just iterate the index number of the list of words when the User taps a 'next' button.


Now that just sounds too durn logical LOL. Funny how your mind gets stuck in a paradigm (looping). Thanks, I'll try to get that going instead, and may even be better for my purposes.