Speech recognizer / sound recorder at the same time


I tried to turn on speech recognizer and sound recorder simultaneously using ‘accelerometer sensor.shaking’, but it failed.
There is a message like ‘cannot connect to network’ (I translated this. cause error message is written in other than Eng.)
when I use only speech recognizer, it works fine.
Is there any way to turn them both on at the same time?
What I tried to do is to record while I speak on the speech recognizer.

Thank you.

I believe you can only have one or the other.

If you use the speech recogniser, you can then later use the textToSpeech component to play back the recorded text with a synthesised voice…

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Dear cool230 (and TIMAI2),
it sounds a bit weird to me the message “could not connect the network”.
This message rises when you use the speech recognizer in offline mode and your native language is not set into the “offilne available languages” in the system (phone or tablet) configuration. (and you aren’t connected to the web).
Honestly I haven’t tried to use at the same time speech recognizer and recoder, so what suggests TIM is highly reasonable, but a check at the languages costs 1 minute :slight_smile:

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