Speech Recognizer error.

Every time I try to use the Speech Recognizer I get a (long) error.
For example, if I try to emulate this example:
I use an Acer CB515 in the UK.

Can anyone help? Thanks.

Welcome John.

You are attempting to use the SpeechRecognizer component using the emulator?

That will not work John. You must test that app on a real Android device. The standard emulator will not work with the SpeechRecognizer.

Thanks for the explanation, Steve.

Even so, as an ex-professional programmer for 25 years I find it dismal that this has been left out.
My chromebook works just fine with 'Hello Google' etc, so all the functions are there.
Someone screwed up.

Hello John

There are 3rd Party Emulators you might like to try, but App Inventor's Companion on your Android phone is superb (including using Speech Recogniser).