Hey there! I need to make a Spacetech Simulation App in Mit App inventor. The simulator needs to do something with space. For example, I can make a simulation on how to grow potatoes in space or Solar and Lunar. Those are just some examples. What are some ideas you have, and how should I design it?

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This is your app and you have to think about it to create it better
you can add planet name on top of the screen and some describe in bottom of screen.
it's not bad if you add a music :wink:
also you can add something else potato.
other ideas in private chat...

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Orbital calculations?

Rocket design tradeoffs

Lagrange points

Simulate the first computers sent to space


How would I add some music?

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Add an mp3 file to Media and play it. See tutorial Hello Purr

you can upload a mp3 music and pick a sound then this :point_down:

Another idea, popular in the 1965 World's Fair

Enter your current weight, and ask the app how much you would weigh

  • on the Moon
  • on Mars
  • the Sun
  • Jupiter


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Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001 Space Odessy theme) File:Also Sprach Zarathustra - Einleitung.ogg - Wikimedia Commons
might be appropriate music score.


fyi @Arman the sound component is able to play only short sound snippets of a few seconds...

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calculate the thrust required to bring a rocket of some mass to reach space (and perhaps even a small representation with a canvas)

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I know it @Taifun, there is many ways to play a music I just picked an example to show @Laffy

Simulate docking with another vessel.
Just a simple 2 images and line them up using phone accelerometer or some arrow keys.
Add music and some speech (text to speach) for the commands. Make it like a little movie.


The Lunar Lander game, ported from PC Basic

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