Space ın password textbox

if want to do the same thing here but password textbox instead normal textbox , i cant use the same extension is not it? what i should be dowing?

Simply replace blocks from textbox1 to PasswordTextBox1

do i must to use second taifun textbox ?

No need to add second instance of the extension just call "StartTextChangeListener" block for PasswordTextBox also, and in event block differentiate both.

No need try this

textbox_test.aia (19.9 KB)

first block give a error " component does not exist"

Because now you have two blocks When screen initialize, delete the one that you do not need. See little red warning


i said this but i want to make space to 3 textbox in the same time

Simply modify blocks according to your needs, add another listener and another else if statement in ..

textbox_test_1.aia (20.3 KB)

yeah sorry i put screen 1 instead screen 2
i want to ask something after downloding aia file i make copy to your blocks then i paste their in original project , after pasting their i am deleting their , it is a problem??
i run your blocks but it gived this message and didnt work

Yes now I realized it, extension works only with textboxes not password textboxes

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it means
There is no solution to this problem.

For password textboxes once register button is clicked you could check if they contain empty spaces and remove them

how i can remove them ? do i must use "trim "
how can use it without type on register button