Space in a sentence

I am trying to read a sentence sequentially: letter by letter, then assign this letter to another letter of the alphabet. I find the problem when the procedure reads an empty space. According to the procedure, if it sees a space it should skip the list of characters for replacement, but obviously I'm doing something wrong. Can somebody help me?

You probably are testing against an empty (zero-length) block.
AI2 tends to eat trailing spaces in text blocks.

(wrong test - deleted. ABG)

I already tested with the CONTAINS and the SPLIT blocks and always get the same error

Export your .aia file and upload it here.

CriptoText.aia (5.4 KB)

Here is proof that your text block did not contain a space.
Go back and edit it, forcing it to have a space.
Test its length using Do It like I did.

Got it. I just put an empty block and I had to put a space. Thank you @ABG

By the way, AI2 has an advanced text block to do the translation in one block, using a dictionary for the translation table.

Ok. I will try it. Thanks

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