Sources compile correctly but it doesn't build the DEX file

When I build the extension in the app inventor sources and add the jar library, the sources compile correctly but it doesn't build the DEX file.xxxx is class from jar.

 [java] PARSE ERROR:
 [java] InvokeDynamic not supported
 [java] ...while preparsing cst 0100 at offset 0000049c
 [java] ...while parsing org.apache.xxxx.class
 [java] 1 error; aborting

The library you have used in one of your extension uses Java 8 features.

Oh, I can't use such libraries? So I need to look for an older version?

I see the information from app inventor source can work with java8.

Yes or you can use Rush. It supports desugaring libs.
You can manually desugar the lib too.


Ok, thanks. Is it the ant compiler's fault? Because if the sources are compatible with Java8, extensions should be too?

Honestly I never tried to find why ant gave that error. Instead I rollback to an older version whenever something like that happens.

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