Source code of MIT app inventor exe file

i just want to know how to their complied mit app inventor github source code into exe file for windows how their do that ??

Discussed here

and more basic information

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thank you i finded the long documentation on web site

well i read documentation but didn't founded the way to convert into exe

Here is a tutorial that might help

well read all those but i want make an exe
App Inventor 2 Ultimate download |

like this

i readed 6 section but i didn't get to make exe file

There is no support for this in the App Inventor source tree. App Inventor is intended to be used as a web application deployed on Google's App Engine platform. Usually these types of packaged versions (which are not published by MIT), include the Google App Engine SDK to run the development server. There might be many ways to package this as an exe, but it is outside the scope of our development system.

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Thank you sir ewpatton

well no support okay but can you give any idea i know C#

One way to easily have App Inventor on your PC is with an offline version like this:

MIT App Inventor does not manage that version.

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