Sound stops if the app is not used continually

I made an application for a person who has multiple lateral sclerosis.

When she presses the button I prepared for her, the program reads the sentence I put. For example, thanks to that, she can say "I'm cold."

But I have a problem: id the application is not used all the time, does not read or emit sound, and then caregivers can only read the screen but do not hear it. Only if I restart the program and the mobile , THEN IT works again.

Where is the problem?


Hello Ester

We would need to see your Blocks. Right-mouse in the Blocks work area and select "Download Blocks as image"

Yes of course!

...If you switch your App Inventor language to English, more people will be able to understand your Blocks.

A lot of buttons - a ListView would result in an easier to use GUI and reduced code. This is all on Screen1? What happens on Screen2 and Screen3 and how does the App leave those Screens to return to Screen1?