Sound Recording Playback Repeating

Could anyone please teach me how can I play back my own sound recording for several times and then automatically stopped by itself? I have tried the "set Player - Loop" (True/False) combination but it just keep on playing continuously and cannot stop by itself. Is there any other simpler way to do these repeating things? Thanks for any suggestion.

Does this help you? I've never tested that out. Note: Do not check the loop thing.


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Trying now

But isn't it completed? I unchecked the loop.

Didn't see that.
Definitely a good idea.

Succeeded, I used a meow sound as a source, it meowed 6 times.

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Only successful in the very first time and it play only 1 time if I press the Play button again.

I updated it :slightly_smiling_face:

Finally successful after deleting some blocks I made before. Thanks a lot for your help and advice.

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In order for it to work on all Android versions (especially on Android 11), these blocks must be used:


It also works fine. Thanks your suggestion.

No, you must use this for it to work on Android 11+ devices:

ONLY this works on all Android versions.


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