Sound Recorder not working properly

I’m getting issues with the Sound Recorder component with a the PhoneCall component.

Playing around with those two components I made an app with the aim to automatically record phone calls (in and out): unfortunately I’m getting issues with the file that is corrupted every time: it sometimes seems like empty and other times it seems kinda of extremely accelerated (it is not comprehensible at all).
Other times I also get an error that advises me that it is not possible to have an exclusive access to the audio device…
If I don’t record a phone call it works to record my voice using just the mic only. In any case the quality is poor.
Also the file format has compatibility issues with computer players: in 5 software I have on my pc, I’ve found only vlc supports and plays it. While on the phone I can play the audio file with any player I have on it
If I use the builtin recorder in my phone the quality is far better.
Also I think that Sound recorder needs the possibility to set the format to use (at least a standard type as mp3 with some different bit rates would be much appreciated), or depending at least on the formats supported by the cell phone.
Thanks in advance.

afaik it is unfortunately not possible to record phone calls, you only can record your voice

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Thank you for the fast answer.

In this case the recorder is more or less without any usefulness because more or less all smartphones nowadays have an integrated audio recorder that does really far better than AppInventor's, in terms of quality, a part the impossibility to record calls that seems to be a common issue.

So I will continue to hope that the MIT devs that are maintaining AI will overcame this issue in future AI release.

Thanks in advance.