Sound problem when I test on my cellphone

I'm new in this forum
and Autodidact
first time i'm using App inventor
I want to make an app that teaches Spanish
I have almost everything finished I have a problem on the alphabet screen
I can only hear 14 letters at a time (if I start from A - N or if I start from Z - N)

months and days

If I start with January, I can hear 12 months but only 2 days
If I start with the days I hear all 7 days but only 7 months

fruits and vegetables
does the same

Is there a limit of 14?

I hope someone can help me solve this problem
thank you very much.

Hi, Could you please put the .aia file here for testing? Perhaps small changes will get rid of the bug. The number of components and blocks should also be reduced.

do you want to play several sounds at the same time? or one after another?
it seems to be, you used a seperate sound component for each sound?
usually you only use one sound component and switch the source to play a different sound


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I want to play one after another

then use only one sound component and before playing a specific sound, set Sound1.Source to the sound you like to play

from the documentation

The name of the sound file. Only certain formats are supported. See


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How I can do that if each letter needs to have its own sound?

If you are use the Player component

A simple solution is replace the code in all the Buttons. For example, in the Button_Mango.Click replace call Sound_mango.Play with

**set Player1.Source to Sound_mango.mp3 **

and do something similar in ALL the sound buttons depending on the sound.

You can do this with the Sound component too... set Sound1.Source to Sound_mango.mp3
** Sound1.Play**

Either example will allow you to use a single Sound or Player component to play all the sounds.

Good luck. Try just a few Blocks and test.

Here is a tutorial showing how to use a single Sound component to play many 'sounds'

Set player 1.source
Is dark green block
U need to join the hook with a text block
Add all sounds to the media palette in designer
In my case I added
Now In blocks before u say play sound add this block
Set Player 1.source A.mp3
And so on

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