Sound Doesn't Play from Name in List


I'm trying to make a digital piano with a feature to "record" the notes you played.

I have a procedure (keyPressed) that adds the note pressed to a list, but when I play use the play button (when it gives an error "Error 703: Unable to play [Note].mp3" where [Note] is the last note item in the list

Update: I changed it so all the notes in variable notes are "[Number].mp3", and removed the join in the set NoteSound.Source so its just the select list item. Now if I enable the recording, it works but only if there is one note in the list. If there are multiple, it does not make a sound.

Where do the MP3s come from? Where and how are they recorded?
Create a small example, show all blocks and post also the aia.

The MP3's were uploaded to the media

Heres the AIA:


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Btw, the sound (note) has a lenght of 2.5 sec, but mp3 track is 40.5 sec (38 sec silence):

Any deep meaning behind it?

I downloaded the mp3 from a website with piano samples

Ok, you should trim these down.

I would've but I downloaded them on a school computer so I couldn't trim it. I have the minimum intervals for the players set to 1 second so it doesn't cause an issue.

There is no Minimum Interval for the Player component, which I used in my blocks.

The min interval has to be at least 2500ms.

Ok, I have cropped them to be 2500 ms and will be replacing the files on my project with them

Side effect: the app will be a lot smaller ...

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So I tried this, and it does play notes now, but instead of playing the notes that I had pressed it plays the list of notes from top to bottom, and if I change it so its if get global Index < length of list list get global notesPlayed it just plays the list of notes for however many keys were pressed (for example, if I played 4 notes it'll play the first 4 notes of the piano

EC_Create2 (2).aia (516.2 KB)

When you run one sound. The event "Player1.Completed" is fired, then the procedure "nextNote" is started. In the procedure "keyPressed" use the variable-flag you set to "false". In the event "player1.completed" use "If" and put this flag here. At the end of this event, set the flag to "true".

I don't think that would change anything. When the player is played, it's already set to true because the user would turn off the record mode

Don't think, just do as I wrote. Otherwise, why are you asking :grin:. Unless you have not understood what I am writing about. I use google translator so sometimes something may be incomprehensible.

because you are using the wrong list...


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In that image it's set to global notesPlayed. If it's set to global notesPlayed it only plays from top to bottom for however many notes were pressed (If i pressed 5 notes it'll play the first 5 notes of the piano)

If I set it to get global Notes it'll just play the entire piano.

I think it might have got lost in translation. It sounds like you want me to add the if Record_mode_on.Enabled = false block into when Player1.completed but change the = to true. But I'm not sure what would go into the if then statement.

It was me who misunderstood your problem. Taifun is right, but the solution looks like this:

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