SOS App - I want to have an interaction between two apps - one app with the patient and another with caregiver to send SOS buzzer

Hi Everyone,

I want to have an interaction between two apps running on different devices, to send SOS buzzer to the caregiver so that the patient can get attention.

can this happen in mit app - please guide me what would be the process to interact between apps.

Thanks in advance

Phone calls/messages might be what you want. You can also include push messages using an extension.

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no, when the SOS button is pressed in one app, the other app in the caregiver device should popup like notification and start alarm.


So the app will be kept in the foreground 24/7?

Hello, do you mean to broadcast a message to group of recipients, this might help you


Hola, tengo la misma pregunta, encontró alguna solución para su caso?

It depends on what you want. If you only want to send a message, this should suffice:

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