SortDate in List

I really need help for sorting this date in list, from recent to old days. Anyone can help me arrange my date in list? This app need to done by tomorrow. help

MoneyManager5.aia (140.5 KB)

Why wait until the day before its due to ask for help ?

If you have a list, use the sort list blocks to get your required output.

i just add the idea to make it realistic but, it just came out as an error


error everywhere when im using sort, i dont know what is wrong with it, its kinda didnt want to accept my datepicker

Because you stored the date in d/m/yyyy format in column 1 of your expenses table, doing the comparison for the sort involved a bit of reshaping the data.

Next time, use milliseconds for your datetimestamp, and reformat only for creating Elements.

MoneyManager5 (1).aia (141.7 KB)

P.S. Don't keep sums on the side, when you can recalculate them from the detail data.
It leads to errors as they get out of sync.

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Thank you so much for spending your time solving my problem. I hope you have an easy day.