Sort dates in list view

Hello again. I have been thinking about how to get to show as indicated in the image for a while but I can not leave it ordered by date in an LView. Can someone help me and I am bored changing parameters. Thank you.Sin tĂ­tulo

Enter your dates in reverse, e.g. 2020-07-24

Hi Tim, thanks so much for helping me the other time. I didn't know how to do it since it closed. Well, I will try later what you have told me to see how it is. I thank you in advance for your attention as always. Then I report

It does not work I get the error cannot element ... I am using this and if I want to show it by pressing the button 5 I get it but in a text field. I want to be able to see it in the listview

What does not work, what error are you getting ? Please explain what you are trying to do.

I want when you press the 5 button to load each item in your list. Date in Listview1, Food in Listview2 and Shop in Listview3. the error it was showing me is: (the operation cannot accept the arguments). It was showing it to me when I replaced the textbox 1 and 3 in Got value with Listw1 and Listw3. I hope I have explained myself well

Give examples of the values you put in the textboxes....

The examples are shown in the photo. Example: Rxb1 = 2020-07-25
Rxb2 = Milk
Rxb3 = Shop1
If when pressing button 5 it shows them in texbox1. I want that instead of showing it to me in texbox it is in Listview.

Then set each of the listviews with elementsFromString (with the return data from Firebase)

Hi Tim! Any solution?

Did you try this as suggested....?

I can't do it using elementFromString. :frowning:

Why not?


If I put the date in textbox and press button 5 it shows me the data in the list but what I want is that when I press button 5 it shows me all the records with their values, not just 1 as it is doing.

Here you go again!

You asked to return just one value to the listview, now you want to return many values. Please be clear at the beginning of your topic request about what you want to achieve.

If the value coming back from firebase is a list, then add that list as elements to the listview, and do the same for the other listviews.

If you want to know how to keep your listviews aligned, then search in the gallery for my database primer which will show you how.

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Maybe my first message I did not explain it well. but I wanted to say that in the lists you will see all the data stored in firebase when pressing button 5: Example
LV1 | LV2 | LV3
2020-07-25 | Bread | Shop1
2020-07-29 | Milk | Shop1
2020-08-15 | Choco | Shop1

Have I explained myself better?

I still don't know how to get it done. In firebase well although without introducing another food with the same date it overwrites me in previous ...

My database primer app shows how this is done

This effect is a direct result of how you designed your tag structure.
You chose 2020-07-25/food, 2020-07-25/milk, etc.

If you want multiple food entries per date you need to add something unique to the tag, like an order number.