Sorry i am new here, how do you display data that stored in firebase?

You do not show how you are storing values for the tags Username and Day.You may also need to set the projectBucket or path to the tag in order to retrieve it correctly. Show your full relevant blocks and a screenshot of your firebase console data. (Also ensure you are using the US server for your firebase project if using the AI2 Firebase component)

How did you insert a smiley into a component name?

I have never seen that before.

this is how i store the data

just press ' window ' and ' < ' then it will show emojis

Password is a poor idea for a tag.

You want something unique, like user name or email address.

The problem with password is you might have users who pick the same password, like my bank account number 12345.

Use the password as the tag to getValue, when a user signs in, ensuring that the projectBucket is set to VESTITO, then use dictionary blocks to get back the Username and the Day. (You may need to encode the returned data if it comes back as a string instead of a dictionary)