Soon 2 new extensions. Face ID and ChromeCast

hello everyone I come to announce that soon 2 new extensions that I am developing will be available. Face ID: log in to the application through face recognition. ChromeCast Tv: video player with cast option for chrome cast or smartTV. leave feedback who is interested in these extensions.


Sounds good.

whem the face id come out can you please send me a aix file of it?


I was interested in both the extensions, please send me when it is ready, if it is not possible to upload the aix file here, then my contact details are given in the link below,


Two great ideas. If you need a beta tester, feel free to message me

Me too :grin:

its been almost 2 years have you managed to achieve that ?

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Yes plas, maybe make it very simple, like when you have if faceIDcode={blank}, then {blank}
Maybe make an aia file for it.

This is an old topic from 2 years ago. I close this.