Sony A7RIII remote control BLE

I found a description on how to operate the Sony A7RIII (and others). I manage to connect to the camera, but when I send a command according to :
Write to characteristic 0xff01 on service 8000-ff00-ff00-ffffffffffffffffffff one of the following commands:
Focus Down |0x0107|
Focus Up |0x0106|
Shutter Down |0x0109|
Shutter Up |0x0108|

The camera doesn't respond in any way. Can you advise me?

Hello Petr, welcome aboard!

Each of those commands is a characteristic - do you have documentation on the A7RIII? I think it's possible that the '|' should not be included in the characteristic.

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I I tried to do it this way.

Maybe you need three extra buttons, so you will have one button per sendBytes block?

Also, 0x0106 is different from 0x106.