Something like MIT APP INVENTOR but for windows apps?

I don't know if this is the right place for this but does anyone know of a platform that's like MIT APP INVENTOR but can be used to write windows apps?

Perhaps SCRATCH Using external tools a SCRATCH app can be converted to an EXE.

It says SCRATCH projects can be exported to standalone HTML5, Android apps, Bundle (macOS) and EXE files using external tools.


Thank you, I will check that out!

I use Delphi for windows desktop Linux Mac OS iOS android
The language is pascal very close to Visual Basic
There is a free addition of Embarcadero Delphi. It’s called community addition.

Hi Tom.

You could search about RAD developing Programs or Language for Windows.

Like the OLD Neobook (Welcome to NeoSoft Corporation - Publishers of NeoBook and NeoPaint) or AutoPlay Media Studio (AutoPlay Media Studio 8.5 - Indigo Rose Software) (for autoinstallers for CDs and DVDs)
There aren't block programming but they allow to you create windows apps in a very easy way (the newest version is windows xp, so, they are old).

I know Scratch 3.0 can be converted to APK, HTML and EXE.
Maybe if you look in google maybe you find other ways, similar to this.

There is B4X for develop (
And less windows, there are for a lot of OS.

And for the ending.
I know there is a way to program in Python with blocks. (Python works under windows, and also can create APK files from .PY).

I think your question is replied in a way with this last one.
(something like MIT AI but for windows apps).
And Python can make .exe for windows.

Well. I hope you can use this.

Pd. (Scratch 3, B4x and Edublocks are for free).