Some questions about mit source

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I had few question that :

  1. Does Mit support Android X ?
  2. I develop some Material components but i don't know How can i add material components in mit.
    Whenever i try to add material component in mit it show this error.

Can any one help me​:pray:t3::pray:t3:


Same error come for me i think it need some extra library's

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Error states that you miss a required file, Have u only used jar ? if yes, they use aar too, R.class class is generally related to xml stuff, dealed by aar files

How to use aar file? And where to use it?

Use it in component u added, adding .aar file is so simple and almost same like adding a jar library

Answer is :

Yes !


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After adding aar file this shows

Let me have a look :slightly_smiling_face:

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To include AAR files, you need to add them to your source tree, add the entries to components/build.xml, and include the AARs in your @UsesLibraries annotation. You can see an example of how it was done by looking at the Map component and its use of osmdroid.


Please check the image. There is the log of errors which i face.

You should know two things:

  1. AARs can only be included in components.
  2. You can't test those components in MIT AI2 Companion so you will have to compile the companion yourself.

Please check image which i had given. There is the error log

pls test in apk i think maybe it is problem of companion or the library does not support your device?

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He said about Ai2 compilation error :no_mouth:

Have a look at :