Some queries regarding GSOC Proposal Submission

  1. Content Clarification: I've structured my single webpage with long answers according to word limits and linked them section-wise. For the project proposal, I've provided an overview and included a link to the proposal PDF on my website. Is this acceptable? Can just a mentor have a look at it? :

  2. References Query: The field for references is mandatory, but I don't have any. Can I leave it blank and fill in "NA"?

  3. Hosting Accessibility: All required files are on Google Drive, I have shared the link and set it to public access. If in the future due to anything there are any issues with links or formats, will I have a chance to fix them? I am very careful and It won't likely happen.

For praposal review that would be great if you share Google Docs link so they can easily comments and share their thoughts on praposal.

For the referral you can ask your University professor so that if needed mentors or organisation can contact him/her.

For hosting and everything, it would be great if you create a simple folder in your drive and put all of your materials in that so in future if any contributor wants to see they can easily see. I have notice that many contributors visit my GSOC-21 praposal during this time.


There is a Google Form you should be using to submit the App Inventor side of the application. All you need to provide for Google is the PDF of the proposal IIRC.

Is there a professor, college advisor, or someone who we can reach out to if we have any questions?

Yes. In the past if a file hasn't been accessible we've reached out to ask people to correct this.

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I am currently enrolled in the Earth Science department and while my professors could provide a reference, they may not be familiar with computer science and programming.

Instead, can I provide a reference of our college technical group secretary? She is familiar with GSOC and can offer relevant insights about my qualifications. @ewpatton

EDIT : Since ddl is here, I am technical group secretary reference, If professor refrence is required, I will send it later or share it here.

Either would be fine.

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