Some Problems On My Reminder App

Hi there! I'm trying to create a reminder app :wave:t2:
However, I've faced some problems when I improve the version.

Here's the simple interface of my app (the 2nd version) :arrow_down:

At the 1st version, I would like my app to remind the user for somethings through alarm clock, such as take for medicine and drink water.
~ Remind after - 2 hours
~ Repeat for - 3 times
When I set the reminder, it's 9am, so the alarm will ring at 11am, 1pm and 3pm
The functions ran successfully :laughing:

By the way, the alarm will straight away ring after 2 hours of the current time, so I added the "start from" option in the 2nd version. So that user can choose a time to start the alarm.

However, the "repeat for" function can't work in the 2nd version! :sob:
~ Start from - 9am
~ Remind after - 2 hours
~ Repeat for - 3 times
The alarm will only ring at 11am and doesn't repeat

Here's my blocks for both of the version

Version 1 :arrow_up:

Version 2 :arrow_up:

May I look for some help? Thanks :heart:

PS: I can understand in English and Mandarin

did you get any error message?

the only difference of 2 versions is how do you set the hour socket?
have you run 'do it' on TimerPicker2.Hour?

Good afternoon!
There's no error message I got.

For the difference of the two versions, I added the timepicker in ver 2.
Ver 1: The alarm set based on the current time
Ver 2: The alarm set based on the time picker value

For your third question, I'm sorry I can't really understand :rofl:

For me, everything looks fine.
Maybe @Taifun want to comment on this.

Alright, thank you so much

Debug your blocks to find out, what is the hour and minute for each alarm you are trying to set...

Also if you set several alarms directly one after the other, the underlying API might get overwhelmed...

EDIT: you should set the different alarms asynchronously, which means after the first alarm has been set (AfterSet event), then set the 2nd alarm, and after the 2nd alarm has been set, then set the 3rd alarm
For an example of an asynchronous processing, see this example App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Webprefetch File by File | Pura Vida Apps