Some of the Value from firebase doesnt appear in app

hello, this is my first time doing this kind of programming stuff and I just ran into problem. when I run the app, the value I listed in firebase only show some of it in the companion app (the AC voltage, AC current, AC power, energy, and frequency) but the rest of the value doesn't appear in the app.

I'm pretty sure this is because of the block problem but I'm not really sure which one.
if anyone know how to and what cause the problem please tell me

Thank You!

frontendLIMA_1.aia (283.7 KB)

Because you separated your Firebase data into separate branches under different buckets, you have to ask for the data with better targetting.

You can either change your Firebase ProjectBucket or add the bucket to the front of the tag, followed by '/' then the subtag.

You could also define more Firebase components, devoted to different buckets.