Some feature requests

1.Add background task function
2.Update Ui
3.Add cardview
4.Update apk's built in UI (first shown title bar and wired scrolling view!)
5.More screen blocks like when screen on push
6.Add XML adding functionality (if possible!)
6. Add ads componts

Those are very broad ideas, for example, "update UI", and some we do not consider appropriate for our target audience (e.g., ads--there are already plenty of extensions addressing this need). You may want to provide a more thorough description of the things you're actually looking for.


Please add atleast
1.bacground working functionality (procedure, any component, activity etc)
2.packagename changing function in builder project export
4.xml import

Features that should be added!
Custom font
card view with many functions
space view
Add background task function
Update Ui
Add cardview
Update apk's built in UI (first shown title bar and wired scrolling view!)
More screen blocks like when screen on push
Add XML adding functionality (if possible!)

Just simply use an empty label.
Space and an empty label don't have a difference.

u can use a vertical arrangment
with a color and do h and w accordingly

Isn't a vertical arrangement an unnecessary component for the use?
An empty label will automatically become a space-size like on the screen, but for VA or HA, you will need to set it (as you said).

u can use that too
for spacing in height

This is an ugly solution, I know, but you can use images in an arrangement.

Do you have the Classic theme selected in your Screen options? Change it to "Device Default" to look more modern.

For this, you can use a WebView.

Hmm. There is probably an extension for this. If not, you can use an invisible WebView and some JS to do the XML manipulation.

There are XML blocks in the web component:


I think they are asking for creation and editing, not decoding.

This isn't what I'm talking about!

So explain exactly what you need, preferably with some examples. Perhaps there are extensions or someone could write one.

A feature using that I could import xml ui design from Adobe XD ..

Could you put an xml file here?

No currently I don't have any

If you can convert your files to json, you can build the application interface from such a json file.

drzwi.json (10.8 KB)