Some doubts related to extension compilation

I build aixs,

I noticed 2jars are present one is AndroidRuntime.jar and second is classes.jar i found presence of classes.dex in classes.jar

Anyone can explain me its concept/usage?

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Is this in the Local App Inventor @Know_About_IT?

if yes, then may I know in which dir you've seen them?

I dont know what is un-clear in my topics title/description

I suggest you to do a task named re-read topic clearly

I just wanted to know if you saw the files in local app inventor (ant extensions) build or the build log of any extension dev. ide?

extensions are extensions whether compile on localhost or any ide :no_mouth:

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First, @SRIKAR_B.S.S we are going way to pointless offtopic discussion

You can reply me if you have knowledge about its presence and its roles in compiled apk else you can wait along with me for someones reply

Structure of aix is always same, either use any ide or source

classes.jar contains .class bytecode which is used for compiling the APK

AndroidRuntime.jar contains .dex bytecode which is used to run code on companion dynamically;

so it means classes.dex i find in classes.jar is used in companion?

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Also, It is worth mentioning the difference between bytecodes .class & .dex


I also want the source code of extension ide and a compiling server

No, I didn't mean that...

You can try making it from the scratch but uploading it online is a hard and costly task :sweat_smile:

but even to make it you also need to understand the structure of MIT AI2 and how it works...

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