Some doubts regarding appathon project

hi all i had some doubts regarding my appathon project

we were informed that the judges will test the app on companion , so my question is some of the features of my app are not supported in companion so will the judges check the apk ?

May that things work in new companion

where can i find the new companion ??

i my app i have added a screen animation and thats not possible to run in companion

Put that in the additional info. Judges can always choose to build and install the apk. Is the screen animation really important for the functioning of your app or is it just some eyecandy?


no its not a important function but i like it it makes the app eye catchy

You must remember that a judge has to judge around 10-20 projects or more. Each project takes about 30 minutes, watching the video, reading about the project, looking at the blocks, testing it in the companion and entering the scores and notes.


:warning: Important: Don't include it in the description it will be made public if you include
it in description.
only include it in private comments you'd like to share with the organizers.
I think you've got the mail regarding the submission to mail-id given while submission.
Include it here:

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