Some Doubts in my Own App Inventor

Hi Everyone...
Can anyone tell me how to:

  1. How to Implement Copy Screen

  1. How to Change the Version of my Own App Inventor image
    When I tried in and

how to change/edit the version because I can't edit them in either nor

GitBuildId.getVersion()) ~, I can't edit anything

@DefaultMessage("Built: {0}  Version: {1}")

  @Description("Label showing the ant build date and the git version")

  String gitBuildId(String date, String version);

I even can't do anything in the too

  1. Does the changes and things I edited in will be the same for the files all the languages? I mean I only change everything in so if anyone switches the language to French then the file will also e changed to something like then does then the things will again come to start?

Please anyone solve this soon...
~ Srikar

Please do not self-promote (a.k.a. "bump") your topic; this can result in your topic going further down the list. You will have to wait for a specific someone to help you with this.

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@DefaultMessage("Your Builder Version")

@Description("Label showing the ant build date and the git version")

String gitBuildId();

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If Everything tells by someone then what do you do ???

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I will try it out...

I don't know how to do that, That is why I asked
It isn't a problem if I ask my doubts :confused:...

You could create a Button that creates a screen with the same components of the selected screen; see how the "Add Screen" Button works.

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Yeah, but it should exactly copy the components, it's properties and the code
And I don't know how to implement one like that.

The code and properties can be saved for later, let's focus on only the components for now.

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But I even don't know that :sob:
I am still learning

You can just copy over the JButton from the "Add Screen" button; this will only add a screen. As for the components, I'm not sure, since I haven't built App Inventor yet. I'll take a look at the source code and come back....

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Add screen and copy screen has difference.


It didn't work it is showing error, it said it is
getting error in this line in
String html = MESSAGES.gitBuildId(GitBuildId.getDate(), GitBuildId.getVersion()) +

I deleted the line in as it is causing the error

It's obviously going to cause an error, as you can't assign a String (or any variable for that matter) to multiple values...

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I personally suggest you to use comment when you are not sure about what that specific line of code will do :wink:

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I don't think anybody will help you in this case :slightly_smiling_face:

You are not asking your doubts. You're indirectly asking code from others. What did you tried yet? Any errors?


The App Inventor build system uses git to perform tagging, and this information is used as part of the build process. When we build App Inventor for production, we apply a series of branding commits that set up various authentication and scaling parameters, and then use git tag to assign a tag to that version. When you build App Inventor after cleaning, the tag information will be used to identify the version (the GitBuildId class incorporates this information).

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I didn't try anything about these errors because I have no Idea on them at all :slightly_frowning_face:

I've tried things other than this

May I know why is this coming like this when I click on .apk, .aab ?

________________Build failed! Connection refused: connect

String html = MESSAGES.gitBuildId() + this will work