Some buttons are not visible in the Designer

I have created a few months ago an app, but I don't remember how I proceeded for 2 buttons amongst all; here is the explanation:
When I re-open my project in the MIT App interface here is what I see:

The smartphone screen in full on the Designer, but it is not on my real smartphone (Samsung S8) when I run the application, and I had created 2 other buttons that can been seen in the Blocks view of APPInventor, as shown by the following capture:

My problem is: how can I edit the 2 buttons that I don't see on the Designer page, and how should I proceed to add more buttons: it seems impossible to drag and drop a new button to the full-up smartphone screen ???

Thank you

Tick scrollable in the designer

Yes you are right: I have just found this solution and I came back to post it, but you were faster than me !!
Thank you very much,

You can always untick again when you finish developing, if all your buttons show on a real device (companion/compiled)

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