[Solved] Nb189a When Any Button: False Negative

Where's the bottom of the Button.TouchUp event?

Do You have any other Button code?

I don't see any get ... of component ... blocks in your screenshot, which would be the generator of this error.

The failure occurs with all five buttons, the code for which is identical in the touch-up Block.

RB_Virtual2fail.aia (126.4 KB)

.... This portion of the code has been working fine for at least a week.

The button taps tally-up specific actions in a basket ball match. For example, tapping of Button1_TLSI (Player 1 scored a Basket [Yes]).

The 'any button block' is used to find which button was tapped, then the action is recorded.

If you run the App in the Companion, first ensure that Virtual Screen
'VerticalScroll_VS1_Splash' is displayed.

The failing Project is based on this one, which does not have the error:

RB_VirtualOrg.aia (117.1 KB)

The global lists of button components are stored into TinyDB and retrieved from there.

That process squishes them into text component names.


Don't try to use a component block once it has passed thru TinyDB. It's dead.

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List_NomJugadorsPartit is a runtime Blocks List of players names (the 5 chosen to play in the match) - it stores text, not components. So in fact, that is the wrong list in the 'join' - it should be the list of buttons as the code should get the text from the button..... and that I think is the bug!

Confirmed - thanks ABG!