Social media ?!?

i made social media app and i dont know how to made button to delete post , i mean with post list

How will you select the post to be deleted?

when i touched

on the listview ?

Here is one way to do it:

it didnt work , and i selection them when i touched them on the list view

It does work.

Show your relevant blocks

what u mean?

You are not creating a separate list for your listview elements

You probably need to separate out appending to list and deleting from list

If you can use extensions, you can use the long press event from my extension to remove a listview item.

look i am beginner in mit app inventor and i need true help to delete list i sent to you all my codes

Try this, you can add animals, and delete animals. The displayed list is now reversed so that the last animal added is shown at the top of the list. I also switched to the dataChanged event, so that other app user changes are reflected in the listview.

deleteFromListview.aia (3.8 KB)

You will need to add your own cloudDB ProjectId and Token in the designer.