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Hello There!
Here is a link to my very new app. This a Blogging App and makes use of CloudDB.

[mod edit] Link updated


can you show us your app picture

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yes :smiley:

I will do that later as I am attending my Computer Class

Okay, I hope you can get useful knowledge :smile: :+1:

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Your link is of no use to anyone, upload your app to the Gallery or Google Drive and provide the sharing link

Oh sorry, Uploaded the wrong link. :grimacing:
This is the correct link.

These are the screenshots

Ignore the text because I wrote whatever came in the suggestions box.

Wow cool, i like it, :+1: :smiley: :+1:.
I recommend you to use this method in your application :

for more code you can get it here :

Hello There!
I am back with an update, now its up to you what you want. EDITING POSTS or DRAFTING POSTS, you can also vote for both. The winning update will be added first.

  • Editing
  • Drafting
  • Both

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Ok, so Editing Posts has gotten more votes, hence I will add Editing first. Drafting will be the part of future update. Stay tuned for any upcoming polls!