Social Distancing Demo

This is a little app that can help to explain why social distancing (or just stay home!) is a useful strategy to beat the Corona virus. I put it in the Gallery with the name: Social Distance Demo.
Well, it is not so serious, just a way to keep busy while having to stay home instead of sitting in a rowing boat or bicycling around. I intended it as a demo of ball animation, of using the any-events and blocks and of making a virtual screen. Maybe I will make a tutorial out of it one of these days.

The settings screen:

And the demo screen:

And the .aia
socialDistance_07.aia (67.1 KB)

Cheers, Ghica.


I made a simpler version, with a description:
socialDistance_01a.aia (8.1 KB)
socialdistancing.pdf (1.2 MB)

@evan And, by the way, both versions crash almost immediately on iOS without any error message. Why?

Cheers, Ghica


It's a cascade of errors. We haven't ported the dictionaries implementation to iOS yet, so the globals fail to properly initialize. This results in your startTime global having an unset value, and so when it tries to compute the duration it crashes (at least that's what I'm seeing, there may be more than one issue).

There must be other problems, because it was crashing before I added a dictionary. The other, simpler version does not have one and crashes too.
Cheers, Ghica