So... What is the info on the iOS Port?

So App Inventor announced that there is going to be an iOS port of App Inventor. this at first was quite interesting to hear, but they have not given us an update on the said port. i tried look on the app store for the app but it does not exist.

So does anybody have any information on the Port? Like TestFlight links?

Thanks if you find anything.

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Development is still ongoing. We've been testing with about 3200 people so far via TestFlight. There are three major things we are trying to wrap up before going through the approval process for the App Store. At that point we'll just be focusing on any changes Apple requires.


Is there a departure date?

How to partecipate to beta testing ?

We don't have a public date for when we plan to have it available. Development team availability depends on what resources we need for different grants (our primary means of funding). Since we've wrapped up the hackathon we are gearing up a big iOS development push, excepting some time for patches to fix issues with nb184.

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If you need more money for development, can you open a crowdfunding project again?