So I need help to work with TinyDB1

So im tryng make a code when i click in a image the same image pops up in the top of the app i know is just use a "if" or "when click" but im testing the TyniDB1 for i use in the future in my code i associat each image to a number and for example when i click in a image the database save the number 1 so pops up in the top os the app a image but i trying do this and nothing happens i dont know if the data base is not saving the numbers or is saving

Someone can help me please!

MIT App Inventor - Google Chrome_3

you cannot make (TinyDB1 = 5)
it won't bring up any results.

btw, I don't understand your strange logic, please provide a clear picture

TinyDB tutorial by Stephen


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So i think is simple i wanted associat when i click in a picture they put in the database one number for in the future i can make "if database = a number so replace a picture in the other screen"

Sorry but i dont know who i take a picture more cler of that

And sorry for delay i trie se more tutorials in internet

I m very new in this language i need learn more

Thanks for help me!!!

thanks man you help me a lot!!!!