Sms text to two numbers

Hi I am new to the group, I am trying to write my first application, it is a streaming app for a local radio station where I am a member. It all works well when simulated on my phone apart from the texting side. I understand this may be down to google rule changes. I have a message the station button and then I want to send this to two different mobiles, the station manager and the studio. I can get the message to work with one number but it won't go direct. it appears to hand the message over to the phone so I have to press send again on the phone to work. I have some code blocks where I have used a list and put in two numbers this seems to work but falls over on the back end. when I press the send button in the app it opens up my phone text message and I have to press send again. at this point the message is sent to the first number but the second number just shows up as a draft and is not sent. My question is is there any way of getting the send direct to work as I think this would resolve my problem or could I know I can add more numbers on my phone so the message is sent to more than one number but not sure how to do this is a code block.

Welcome Peter

Try as per Tim's advice

Steve, thank you so much for responding, I am trying to learn the blocks as I go and I must admit I have spent a few hours trying to sort this problem. I see a lot of posts that are saying the send direct doesn't work since google tightened there rules. I will type this code in and see how it goes and then feed back. Thanks again, your response is much appreciated.

If you use the companion you downloaded from Google Play Store, it will not.


You can use this block in the compiled app. However, Google Play will most likely reject your app if you upload it to their Play Store (unless you have a very very, very good reason for it).

Hi Gordon, Is there a solution that Google will allow? I don't mind if the app takes the user to their message page on the phone to send from there but what is important is that I can send the message two at least two numbers... so for instance the main and a cc, I don't think it would be good enough for users to have to press send for each number. If I am sending a message from my phone it will allow me to add additional numbers for the same message so I'm assuming there must be a register in the phone message handler that I just need to access to populate with the second number. (I may be thinking too simplistically due to a lack of knowledge at the minute in this area.