Smoother LineString?

I have an app that uses a LineString to show a navigation route. Is there some way to make the segments smoother? I don't know if there is another way other than using map circles between each point, which won't work unless there is some way to dynamically create them.

maybe reducing the strokeWidth? Anyway, it seems the problem is that you have many points in a zigzag path...

What time interval (distance?) do you have between points ?

The distance is as small as OpenStreetMap's road segments. This is just a route I calculated with OpenRouteService.

I'm going to make the line thinner, which will help.

The main issue is visible up close. When there is a left/right turn, it has a "break" in the segment, and on smaller turns there is a slight "crack" in the line. I want to know if there is a way to smooth the line segments out.

As far as I know, there is no way to change that. Can I ask you why that gap is so problematic?

I'm just picky about a nice interface, and I was wondering if there was some trick or extension to make it better.

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What you get is what happens when you choose FREE (aka ors) rather than using the Google Maps API and a Google Map tiles versus OSM tiles :cry: What you see is the behavior of ors technology. Nice but not perfect.