Smooth display with rapid change of input data

I searched among the extensions, but I didn't find anything. The task is to smoothly change the angle of rotation of the arrow depending on dynamically changing data. But the data can change so quickly (from 800 to 3000 in less than 50ms) that the arrow that conditionally shows 800 will simply jump to 3000.
This is the tachometer of the car.
And it is important to display data very quickly, but at the same time that the arrow resembles a physical one in behavior.
I solved this problem with blocks of mathematics... It works just fine. There is also a certain coefficient for adjusting the smoothness. I'll add an attachment as an example.
This can be packaged into a procedure.
But I thought about making it available to everyone.
My request is to experienced users who can spend a little time creating an extension for smoothness.?
It is necessary that the input takes the number as quickly as it can, processes and outputs the result referring to the correction factor. Everything is in the example. Perhaps division is not the fastest operation and it can be replaced with something faster.
Let's make "Smoothness" an extension!
Smoothing.aia (12.3 KB)

You may like to try this:

Tachometer.aia (2.5 KB)

uses google charts and the webviewstring. Seems to work well at @ 200ms refresh


Hi. I think it's not appropriate. In this example, it's already rippling in the eyes from moving the arrow. Try my example from the first post. It's smooth and fast and simple at the same time. This is a ready-made solution and it suits me. I just don't know how to create extensions. And I would like someone experienced to make an extension from these blocks or on their model. So that this block is available to everyone in the extensions directory.

I have now looked at your project.....

Try this then:

Tachometerv2.aia (2.6 KB)

Well, like that, yes. But this is some kind of created html code. How to apply it in real life?
And pay attention to the jerks when the arrow approaches the set value.
With a sharp acceleration of the steering wheel, this is clearly visible. As a result of the calculations given in my example, everything is much smoother. And it can be applied to any image.
I have everything decided.
I'm just asking you to make a separate extension according to my scheme! Because I don't have the opportunity and experience myself.


If it can be done with blocks, then there is little point in making an extension.....

Your blocks condensed to a procedure:


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I would like that anyone who needs it could use it. But while there is no extension, few people will see this code. that's the meaning of my appeal.


That's what I'm working on right now. The smoothness of the arrow suits me. Very similar to a physical arrow.