Small Test App runs via Companion but APK crashes on launch

This Project is a snippet of code to List the files in the Android Music folder. It uses the TaifunFile extension.

Please try it via the Companion. If that works, try as an APK.

Tested so far on Android 7, 10 and 11

MusicTitles.aia (38.6 KB)

Try to use latest version of extension - Version 14a. Tested on android 9, apk doesn't crash

Image taken from Pura Vida Apps

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Try with:


added this on a stripped down version and works when compiled.(Android 10)

That's strange - I thought we did not have to get that permission. I'll give it a go.

Try the latest version of the extension first - should include it.

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OK - actually having troubles with the build server at the moment :roll_eyes:

Anke says it doesn't. So, your fix works, I'm happy with that. :grin:

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