Slowness on Ai2

The MIT App Inventor platform has been having problems in Brazil. We are not able to easily access our project. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

Can you tell more about your project? Number of blocks for instance or the size of the aia?
Did you experience that ever before with another project?

You mean during loading of the project to work on it?

Yes, we have already done other projects. The number of blocks is quite large, around 80 blocks, and we will reach 150 blocks. Aia=3.7mb

The number of blocks is very low so shouldn't be a problem. I guess you have large assets inside the aia?

Maybe you have connection problems. What if you switch connections?

Could you pm me your project so i can take a look?

We have already switched connections in several locations, and the problem persists. We have a large number of screens and I think they are the main cause of the problem. What do you think?

How many screens? AppInventor recommends a maximum of 10 screens, and even with these ten, problems can arise. When exceeding 10 screens, AppInventor reports that there may be problems. If someone exceeds this number, they do it at their own risk.
Another problem may be the high resolution graphics used in the app.


Thank's, I see the problem now. This is it. Thank you!