Slowing down the code

Now its time to fix a more controlled upload… and a can’t get it to work. I miss a pause or delay function and I haven got Your previous recommendation the clock function to work as I want

Say that You have x number of jpg files that is stored in a folder. I want to secure that each and everyone is correct uppload to droppbox. Before I take a new one. If not move them to a dedicated folder...

The code in the mainprogram is to fast and dont get the correct responscode even if it is a correct upload.

Is there somone who can give me a hint....

It is a bit difficult to guess what your procedures with very long filenames really do, so if you want more help, you should show more code.
And, did you look at this:

How to upload a file into your Dropbox

Assuming you get a Web response after each file upload completes, that event is the place to request the next upload (if response code = 200).

This is for downloading files to the app, but the principle is the same for uploads

Sorry for my late reply... We have thunder here yesterdag so we were forced to shut down our computers.. I see now that I have done a misstake the first "moveAndRemove..." should not be there. But this is just a schematic procedure

That suggestion You did does'nt work webUpload is slower than the code so even if it's a correct uppload the lblresault hast got "200" yet...

// Shas

Ok I will check that out... Thanks // Shas

Well I got this to work when a run it with the AI companion but not as an app... The code run throw...

I failed time after time I need a function that stop the code or prevent it to go further until the right condition is fulfilled..

Show your latest code?