Slider to Arduino Uno through bluetooth

I am currently facing an issue with transferring data from a slider to an Arduino Uno through Bluetooth.
Please help me identify what is wrong with my code or my application.
This is my Arduino coding:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

int In3 = 7;
int In4 = 8;
int ENB = 5;
int SPEED = 100;

SoftwareSerial bluetooth(10, 11); // RX, TX

void setup()
  bluetooth.print("AT+NAME=Handsome"); // Change "MyDevice" to your desired name
  delay(500); // Delay for command execution

  pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(In3, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(In4, OUTPUT);
  pinMode(ENB, OUTPUT);

  digitalWrite(In3, HIGH);
  digitalWrite(In4, LOW);

void loop()
  if (bluetooth.available() == 1) {
    String MOTOR = bluetooth.readString(); // Read the incoming data
    if (MOTOR == "N") {
      SPEED = 200;

    if (MOTOR == "F") {
      SPEED = 0;
    analogWrite(ENB, SPEED);

  if (bluetooth.available() == 2) {
    SPEED =;
    analogWrite(ENB, SPEED);

Mixing data types in the same data stream is a nightmare to coordinate. Stick to text and use message delimiters like \n for end of message.

Bytes available will almost never equal exactly 1 or 2. The data piles up in the BT incoming data buffer, increasing that count.

Don't send data from the slider event. It fires fast like a machine gun. Instead, have a clock timer check the thumb value, and only send if it has changed since the last time.
That will throttle your data flow.

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